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Our goal is to help you believe in your potential.

From empowering business and career guides to fun, engaging pieces on entertaining at home, we’ve got the goods to inspire you today.  Because we know the modern woman has her hands full these days.

For the Modern Women Who Rock

Being a woman in today’s society isn’t easy. You want to remain feminine and feel like a queen, but you also want to take the reins and work hard, or you feel like everything will fall apart. 

It’s OK to feel and own up to your vulnerability. It is when you recognize the weaknesses that you fortify the strengths. And like every trailblazing woman before you, facing your challenges head on is the first step to rocking your roles in life.

We’re Here to Help

Woman Rock hopes to play an instrumental source in key moments of your life. 

We want to be there when you finally move from an employee to a girl boss. We want to take you through those days when you can’t seem to get out of bed early to do a mile run. We want to see you soar with your partner in life as you shepherd your family through these changing times.

For the Modern Woman, we raise a fist as a salute to your triumphs and offer a hand for those messy moments in life.

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Our Authors

Michel Diane Tully

Michel is a wife and a mother of two. An activist and volunteer, she enjoys riding motorbikes and swimming. Her favorite things in the world include coding, reading, and watching working out. Through her articles, she aims to help women who are juggling to balance work , family, and social life better manage their time and life.

Ada Jackson

Ada is passionate about women’s health and helping every woman become the best version of herself. She serves as the editor for womanrock.com. You can also find her writing about business, health and wellness, home, family, and lifestyle, everything that will help the modern woman live her best life. 

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